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Positive Impact

On people and planet

As all of you know, we aim to enable the traveller to have a positive impact when they are discovering the world!

A positive impact on the Planet and local communities!

After months, with many lows and highs, we finally aligned and found our North Star, the compass that guides us toward achieving our goals and fulfilling our mission. 

☘ Our approach is twofold, addressing both sides of the travel spectrum – B2C and B2B. 

We want to help the traveller understand that is not difficult to travel sustainably, but we also want to help businesses to offer more sustainable options.

With this approach, we are tackling both sides. 

Our B2B solution is a complex, ambitious endeavour. We’re tirelessly working to bring it to life, and we can’t wait to share this remarkable journey with all of you.

Transparency is our promise, and we intend to build it publicly, inviting you to be part of every step. 

But our journey begins with something simple yet profound.

We are here to be your sustainable travel coach, or if you prefer, your personal sustainable travel concierge!